What you need to bring

Photo ID You must bring your photo ID for both yourself and your spouse. Unfortunately, We are not allowed to prepare your tax return unless we see your photo ID. This can be either a Drivers' License or another form of Photo ID. Even if we have done you taxes in previous years we are required to see the Photo ID before we can do your taxes. It may seem bureaucratic and inconvenient but it prevents a criminal from pretending to be you and stealing your tax refund.
Social Security Cards You must bring your Social Security Cards, ITIN paperwork, or your Social Security Statement (SSA-1099) for yourself, your spouse, and any dependents you will be claiming on your return. Due to new guidelines of the VITA program, VITA sites are not allowed to use memorized numbers, or numbers off other tax documents, even if you had your tax return prepared at the same site in previous years. This might seem inconvenient, but it is your defence against identity theft.
Your Spouse If you are filing a married filing joint return. Both spouses must be present to sign the required forms.
Birth Dates Birth dates for youself, your spouse, and any dependents you will be claiming on your return.
Previous Returns Bring your last year's State and Federal return if you have them. We don't always need them but sometimes they speed things up.
Bank Codes Bring your check book. Direct deposit is the fastest and most secure to receive your refund and if would like to set this up bring your check book because it has the bank routing numbers and account numbers that we need.
W2 Bring all your wage and earnings statements. This includes forms W-2, W-2G, and all types of 1099 such as SSA-1099, 1099-MISC, 1099-R for both you and your spouse. Your employer(s), banks and brokers should have given you all the necessary forms at the end of the tax year. (if you are filing jointly), from all employers and banks.
Tip Income Any alimony paid, and the recipient's Social Security Number.
1095-A If you purchased health insurance through the Federal or Colorado State marketplace (healthcare.gov) you should have received a 1095-A which details your plan.
1098 If you paid home mortgage interest, property taxes or any other real estate taxes you should receive a 1098. If you had educational expenses for college or other tuition you should have received a Form 1098-E or 1098-T.
1099 Information on investment income or from the sale of any stocks, bonds, or mutual funds (generally reported on form 1099-B).
1099-G If you itemized last year (that is, your return included a Schedule A), you will need to bring the amount of state tax refund you received last year. Generally, this is reported on a form 1099-G that you should have received.
Day Care If you paid for day care for your children or dependents bring and the day care provider's Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number and the amounts you paid.
Receipts Bring your receipts for any medical or dental expenses you paid that were not reimbursed by your health insurance. This includes premiums for medical and dental insurance that are paid by you. Amounts paid by your employer do not qualify. If you have a home business bring receipts for business expenses. If you made charitable donations bring receipts you received from the charity or religious organisation. If you believe you may be able to itemize deductions this year, bring any rceipts and other supporting documentation for expenses that can be itemize.
Teacher Expenses Qualified educator expenses paid by teachers.
Gambling Losses If you had gambling losses as well as gambling winning you can claim the losses up the amount of gambling winnings received. Bring any documents or reports that the casino gave you.
Homebuyer's Credit If you received a first-time homebuyer's credit in a previous year, bring information on the purchase date of the home and the amount of credit you received.
IRA Contributions If you made a contribution to your Roth or Traditional IRA contributions bring information on the amount paid.